DEVLOG #9 - ALPHA v1.2

Hello and Good Day!

We are proud to release ALPHA v1.2 <--------------------- BAM!  Shelter Building!

Working Working Working!  We got a ton done and are still making more.  Getting there!  We are working on more art as a lot of the current art is placeholder and will change.  We are completely done with all Player Animations with the exception of dying (which you cannot do yet).  @AlWireHead is working diligently on the forest pixels and some items.  There is a ton to draw so it will take some time.  I have been working hard on getting different aspects of the game coded and working with Placeholder art for the time-being.  Then when the real art is done it is easy to just pop it in and it's already coded.  Works like a Charm!  We manage a lot of the "To Do" items in Trello.  Our board currently looks like this:

Trello is 1,000% Gangster and likes long walks on the beach.  I always "Swipe Right" for Trello. FYI.

So far I am having a Blast with this project.   It takes a little longer due to the amount of sprites needed and also how much the player can do in a survival game.  All of this (and every other game I've made) has been a learning experience.  Working with multiple DEVs can be a challenge, yet myself and @AlWireHead work well together because we stay chill and we get things done.  Each little bit completed by both of us gets smashed together into this thing we call a Pixel Art Game.  I think people will be amazed at what gets completed in just a couple months time.  I know I look forward to seeing what this project becomes - - 

Here is a List of All the ALPHA v1.2 Updates Made:

  • Added Tall Grass (Placeholder Art)
  • Added ability to Harvest Tall Grass
  • 10% Chance to collect Grass Seeds from Harvesting Tall Grass
  • Programmed Harvest Shounds
  • Programmed Harvest Player Animations
  • Small Changes to the initial small world to test in
  • Added "Nature" atmospheric sounds
  • Fixed a Layer Bug where the player would flash (i'm pretty sure?)
  • Adjusted Object Destroy distance when chopping, mining, gardening etc
  • Shelter Placing/Building/Destroying (WIP Art for Sure) <------------
  • Added Building Sound (Hammer)
  • Added Shelter Created Sound
  • Added the Ability to Rest at your Shelter (Energy Increase very fast - Emotion Increase) (Press "R" by the Shelter once it is built
  • Added the ability to destroy the shelter (so it can be moved)
  • Adjusted Eating, Drinking Volumes
  • Adjusted Harvest time (Lowered)
  • Added Collect-able Metal Item
  • Added the 1st Tileset
  • 10% Change Metal is dropped from Rocks after mined

Life is Short = Be Creative


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Jun 19, 2018

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"Trello is 1,000% Gangster and likes long walks on the beach.  I always "Swipe Right" for Trello. FYI." LOL! It's cool seeing your Trello board as you develop the game! Maybe I should try using it again.... haha. Good work on this update guys! 


LOL - Yeah - It really helps in this Collaborative environment - I have used it in Solo-Dev before, yet it didn't get as much use for me - it still was a good tool for laying out what I wanted - Thanks for playing  :)