DEVLOG #15 - MuSiC!

Hello and Good Day,

I am happy to be creating this DEVLOG as today I got to do some of my favorite work for the game. MUSIC!  I love music and I really love creating little songs for games.  I love all kinds of music, but I get the most pleasure out of creating little compositions for the games I make.  Each game has a little different vibe, yet you can always tell that it my music.  I use a combination of softwares and create a song piece by piece rendering and mastering as I go:

Here are 2 song I wrote for Under Bush that will, at some point, get added to the game.  I usually shoot for about 20-25 minutes of music for a project so I will just keep adding track to the Soundcloud album as I go.  Take a moment to listen to the songs I added today.  So much fun! Thanks for following our progress here!

Life is Short = Be Creative

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