DEVLOG #18 -- ALPHA Version 1.6 Released!

Hello and good day,

Here are some random words of wisdom before I dive into GameDev stuff ------

Don’t forget to eat your vegetables.
Be thankful the sun is the distance it is from the earth.
Money is a conceived notion, invented by humans, so that some are more important then others.
Everything is bad for you.  Even Time.
The Beastmaster was an AWESOME movie when I was a kid.
Acoustic guitars are fun to play.

 ----- > Ok – Now that I got all of that out of the way – Lets Check OUT ALPHA Version 1.6 !

We added a bunch.  Any help on testing bugs will be appreciated at this point forward as there’s enough to test now that I can’t get to it all for each version release.  Please make comments on the main game page if you find something.  I appreciate it  😊

New Features/Changes

  • Added Grapes
  • Added Grapes Garden
  • Added Hut
  • Sleeping in Hut now Increases Energy (Med Speed), Increases Emotion (Med Speed) and relieves Temperature Issues
  • Added Sapling
  • Added ability to Grow Trees
  • Trees now have a chance of dropping a sapling
  • Updated Rock Collision (Small Issue)
  • Added if player is tired - lowers emotion
  • Created a Large world to explore (Only half done)
  • Overhaul on Placing Collision code
  • Lowered Amount of Stone dropped from Rocks
  • Lowered the Initial Chopping, Mining, Gardening, Building time
  • Lowered Harvest Time
  • Added Travel Menu for future use (Shrines Functionality)
  • Lowered Time needed to Rest in Hut and Shelter (Energy raises faster when resting)

    BUGS/ISSUES Resolved:

    • Fixed an issue that was playing 2 songs at once sometimes
    • Fixed an issue with random music player that would allow long periods of no music
    • Fixed multiple exploits where you could access the menu while sleeping
    • Fixed an issue with temperature where it was not lowering/raising if Cold/Hot
    • Fixed an Exploit where you could Right-Click when attempting to place a build-able item and you would get lots of inventory
    • Fixed an issue were the campfire was not heating you up if it was cold
    • Fixed an issue were place-able things could be placed to close together and then destroyed on accident
    • Fixed an Exploit by Added a Cool-down to after Resting so you cannot instantly work after resting. This was an exploit where you could be tired, rest for 1 sec and then work (harvest, chop, etc)

    Life is Short = Be Creative


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    Jul 15, 2018

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