DEVLOG #17 -- ALPHA Version 1.5 RELEASED!

Hello and Good Day,

I was supposed to go camping this weekend. Yet instead, I got a nasty chest cold. It sucks! But it gave me some more GameDev time! Time to complete ALPHA Version 1.5. The Largest Update to date!  This time you get to try it out for real.  No chunk of items like food, water and medicine.  Now you need to Survive --- FINALLY! Many Thanks to my Homie @alWirehead ! He worked his tail off to get me all the art so far.  We are very pleased with our Progress.

Here is an overview of what was added in ALPHA Version 1.5

  • Carrots


  • Ginger


  • New Gardens (Carrots and Ginger)


  • Campfire


  • Water (Clean / Dirty)


  • Medicine

  • Well


  • Music


  • Thermometer / World Temperature


Here is the FULL List of all the Items Added and Changed in ALPHA Version 1.5 – Thanks for Reading!  We Love You Long Time!

  • Added Carrot Plant in the World
  • Added Collect-able Carrot Item (Gives you 1 Food)
  • Added Collect-able Carrot Seeds
  • Added Ginger Plant in the World
  • Added Collect-able Ginger Item (Gives you 1 Ginger - Ginger to be Crafted to Medicine)
  • Added Collect-able Ginger Seeds
  • Added New Gardens to the Garden Menu
  • Added Ginger to the Player Menu (Inventory)
  • Implemented the Campfire
  • Implemented Boiling Water at the Campfire
  • Implemented Warming up at the Campfire
  • Added Collect-able Dirty Water
  • Added Collect-able Clean Water
  • Implemented the Well
  • Implemented Dirty Water Dispensing at the Well
  • Add some more temporary world ( A little more to explore)
  • Lowered initial Inventories to ZERO (Start testing game balancing)
  • Increase chance of getting metal from rocks from 10% to 50%
  • Increased the amount of thirst replenished from drinking clean water
  • Added Music to the game
  • Implemented a Random Music System
  • Fixed Multiple Bugs in the Place System
  • Added Collect-able Medicine
  • Added Place-able Medicine Table (Create Medicine)
  • Implemented creating Medicine at the Medicine Table
  • Created/Added Make Medicine Sound
  • Created/Added Boil Water Sound
  • Added "Controls" to the Options Menu
  • Sleeping in shelter now makes player temperature go up or down dependent of the weather
  • Implemented Healthbar on all Build-able items. Now it takes longer to build different items (Shelter, Campfire, etc)
  • Implemented a Temperature Level in the World (Randomly chooses Hot, Warm or Cold)
  • Added a thermometer to the Main Menu so you can tell if its Hot, Warm or Cold outside.
  • Resolved a Exploit where you could still rest and build, mine, chop etc
  • Pressing "C" if a Shelter is Build will Guide you back to you Shelter

Life is Short = Be Creative


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Jul 09, 2018

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