DEVLOG #16 - ALPHA v1.4 Released

Hello and Good Day,

We have been hard at work still - Just took a little more time so I could get a lot of the new "Alan" art added.  It is coming along nicely.  Bit by Bit the game is coming together.  Here is a list of what was done for ALPHA v1.4 - Enjoy!

  • Added Rock Tile Set
  • Added Green Foliage Tile Set
  • Updated Grass Art
  • Updated Tree Art
  • Updated Grass Garden Art
  • Updated the Wood Sprite
  • Updated the Wood Sprite in Menus
  • Updated Stone Sprite
  • Updated Stone Sprite in Menus
  • Updated Metal Sprite
  • Updated Metal Sprite in Menus
  • Updated Collect-able Seed Sprite
  • Updated Fibers Sprite
  • Updated Fibers Sprite in Menus
  • Adjusted Shelter "Have ---- Need" menu due to Sprite Size Changes
  • Adjusted "Place Icon" for the Garden to display "Black" if not place-able
  • Adjusted "Place Icon" for the Shelter to display "Black" if not place-able
  • Fixed a Bug in the "Place" code that was making the icon not show "Black" if not place-able
  • Updated all Player Animations
  • Added Shelter art and some reprogramming
  • Updated Hit Box for all types of actions so that, for example, a tree wont break if a some grass is harvested close by
  • Made the distance to chop, mine etc a little larger (can be a little farther away from object and still chop, mine etc)
  • Implemented the Save button in the "Options" Menu
  • Implemented the Save and EXIT button in the "Options" Menu
  • Implemented a Load Game Test (F12)
  • Added "About" text to the "Options" menu
  • Adjusted the Grass for the player to go behind it sooner
  • Implemented the "G" key to destroy buildings -
  • Implemented in-game text on buildings
  • When Player Dies all Stats are reset

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    Jul 05, 2018

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