Under Brush - DEVLOG #8- ALPHA v1.1

Hello and Good Day,

Welcome ALPHA v1.1

Was working super hard on the game today - Below is all I accomplish. @AlWirehead got me some new Character Animations today.  Seems he stayed up all night.  What a trooper!!! I got a ton done, created a new build and I will now leave and got to a party for a friend who just graduated nursing school.  If you put your mind to something you truly can achieve anything! <----------

  • Added "+1" object when you pickup items
  • Added Optimization Code (For Future Builds with more Objects)
  • Menu is now either "ESC" or "Q" - Wanted it to have easier access
  • Lowered Tree Breaking Sound
  • Lowered Axe Hit Sound
  • Lowered Rock Breaking Sound
  • Lowered Pickaxe Hit Sound
  • Lowered Item Collect sound
  • Lowered Menu Open sound
  • Added Voice Sounds for Player Stats (Hungry, Thirsty, Tired etc)
  • Implemented Gardening with Animations
  • Added Fiber Collect-able Item
  • Added Grass Seeds Collect-able Item
  • Implemented Resting (without Tent/Shelter) Press the "R" key to Rest
  • Added Gardening Sounds
  • Added Resting Sounds
  • Added Harvesting Sounds (Have not added Harvesting yet)
  • Increased Garden Size

    Life is Short = Be Creative


    Under_Brush_-_ALPHA_v1.1.exe 16 MB
    Jun 16, 2018

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