Under Brush - DEVLOG #5

Hello and Good Day,

Grand stuff going on here! Digging deep into the GUI menus right off the bat.  They can always be a chore and if I wait till the end to do they they will inevitably get rushed.  I first sketched out an idea type thing:

After that nice little scribble I took to creating it for reals using this as a Mockup:

It is not done yet, but it is getting there.  Placeholder Art for a lot of the icons and such.  Little by little.  So far I have the following complete in the main menu (ESC Key):

  • Background Menu Image
  • Health Bar Implementation
  • Eat/Drink/Heal Buttons added with working functionality and Inventory Levels
  • Player // Build // Garden // Options Sub-menus (No Content there yet)

After this work I moved onto some Sound Effects work (Never a Dull Moment Here!).  I focused on the Important ones for a Survival Game. Cutting Wood, Tree Breaking, Mining, Rock Breaking.  I also Created the Sounds for Using Items in the Main Menu - Healing, Eating and Drinking. Fun Fun Fun.  The Wood and Stone stuff was a mess! (Safety Goggles Anyone?)

Going to start editing the Audio now!  Then add it to the game!  Here is all I have added to the game up to this point:

  • Initial Engine Setup
  • Main World set to 20,000 x 20,000 pixels (606 Squares Wide/High)
  • Create the Main Global Variables (Player, Health Bar, Collect-able, Placing, etc)
  • Added a Placeholder Tree Art
  • Added Chopping Animations
  • Added the ability to chop the tree
  • Added the ability to chop the tree down
  • Added collect-able wood item
  • Added the ability collect wood item
  • Added Menu BG and Stats
  • Created the "ESC" menu or "Main Menu" and programmed the Buttons
  • Designed the ESC menu layout
  • Added an Item Pickup Sound
  • Added an "Open Menu" sound
  • Added a button click sound
  • Added Heal, Eat, Drink Menu Options with Inventory Levels
  • Coded Healing, Eating and Drinking

WOW!  Making good Progress.  I'll keep on Keeping on!

Life is Short = Be Creative

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