Under Brush - DEVLOG #4

Hello and Good Day,

Sorry it has been a little bit. But Art Art Art has been going on all up in here!!! Haha - @AlWirehead has been slaving away at the Character creation.  As you know this project is a WIP so we are making choices as we go.  Our final choice was this cool bearded guy as the main player.  Who knows where this will lead us  :) -- 

I was able to get the initial Background art and the walk/idle animations done for the player.  Things are moving along -- Literally --

We are continuing work on the player and hope to have all the animations for Gardening, Mining, Chopping, Building and Harvesting done in the near future - Please follow us here for future updates!  Also follow JustWall Games on Twitter for additional cool stuff!

Thanks again for your time!

Life is Short = Be Creative

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