Under Brush - DEVLOG #3

Hello and Good Day,

Wow! I feel like I'm taking my pants off?

Wait? What?

I mean...It feels strange to share all this special stuff I'm about to share.  But I guess I should not care.  I'm sure my fellow game developers also feel the same, like they are the only ones writing this code so it makes it special.  ITS NOT!  Its just code.  Here's what we worked on Today.

1. @AlWirehead has been working on preliminary artwork and conceptual things.  There is nothing to share yet.  But Soon!  Mwhahahahaha!

2. Added  all the Survival Stats Bars - Health, Hunger, Thirst, Climate, Energy & Emotion.  All are currently functional.  Health Drops if you are starving, too thirsty or too sad currently.  You also heat up when you walk.  It is all created.  I will add tweaks to things like mining and such so it lowers energy for realism when I get to creating that code.  The backbone is in Place

3.  I started the most exciting PLAYER CODE!  Yeah!  This one will have a lot to add so I'm sure it will be a while as we create the art and animations.  The player is always a chore, yet super important to test and get working well.  So Far it is the "W,A,S,D" setup with animations.

Here is the Player STEP Code so Far:

Here is a GIF to show some progress on the Player/World/Stats Bars: (ALL WIP with Placeholder Art)

4. I spent some time adding all the Global Variables.  I always create a separate object that stores all the global variables.  A lot of my initial thoughts are solely captured so I have a good Idea of all the Variables I will need to have so the game has the features I want.  In my early games I didn't follow this and soon learned the game is not planned until the Global Variables are set (for the most part).  There are always some to add later down the road, yet this is a huge start and, with hesitation, I share to you - My Global Variables thus far:

///////////////////////////////////////////////// Survival Bars
/////////////// Health
global.player_hp = 1000;
global.max_player_hp = 1000;
/////////////// Hunger
global.hunger = 1000;
global.max_hunger = 1000;
/////////////// Thirst
global.thirst = 1000;
global.max_thirst = 1000;
/////////////// Temperature
global.temp = 500;
global.max_temp = 1000;
/////////////// Energy
global.energy = 1000;
global.max_energy = 1000;
/////////////// Emotion
global.emotion = 500;
global.max_emotion = 1000;
////////////////////////////////////////////// Player States
global.walkspeed = 3;
global.walkspeed_reset = 3;
global.tiredspeed = 1;
global.aim = 2;
global.player_idle = true;
global.player_walking = false;
global.player_resting = false;
global.player_placing = false;
global.player_building = false;
global.player_harvest = false;
global.player_choping = false;
global.player_mining = false;
global.player_tired = false;
////////////////////////////////////////////// Collect
////// Crafting
global.collect_grass = 0;
global.collect_fibers = 0;
global.collect_stone = 0;
global.collect_wood = 0;
global.collect_herbs = 0;
global.collect_oil = 0;
global.collect_string = 0;
global.collect_cloth = 0;
global.collect_metal = 0;
global.collect_nails = 0;
////// Useable (Health Bars)
global.collect_dirty_water = 0;
global.collect_clean_water = 0;
global.collect_medicine = 0;
global.collect_food = 0;
///// Gardening
global.collect_seeds = 0;
global.collect_sapling = 0;
////////////////////////////////////////////// Placing
global.placing_shelter = false;
global.placing_tent = false;
global.placing_shed = false;
global.placing_workbench = false;
global.placing_camp_fire = false;
global.placing_garden_square = false;
global.placing_sapling = false;
///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Overall Hitting Cooldown
global.hitting_cooldown = 40;
global.hitting_cooldown_reset = 40;
///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Menus
global.loading_screen = false;
global.resting_screen = false;
global.esc_menu = false;
global.map_menu = false;
global.shelter_menu = false;
global.shelter_foundation_menu = false;
global.shed_menu = false;
global.shed_foundation_menu = false;
global.workbench_menu = false;
global.tent_menu = false;
global.campfire_menu = false;
global.story_menu = true;

Once again, I feel like my pants are off...lol

I will continue my work this weekend and I'm sure I will have more to share - Be Well!

Life is Short = Be Creative

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