Under Brush - DEVLOG #1

Hello and Good Day,

Here is the 1st of many DEVLOGs for my new project UnderBrush.  I will be sharing as much of my progress here in DEVLOGs in hopes that it is an nice little show-and-tell of my processes and some cool little things I do during game development.  It is my hopes this is beneficial to others as well as it will be cool to look back and see what I did for a more ambitious project.

My First Image to Share:

Write it Down

The first thing I always do is take pen to paper and jot down my ideas.  This time I have a good plan on how the screen will look, what my player states will be and the "Survival" stats Bars that will tell you when you are about to die a horrible annoying death.  And also a Kitty?  A Random Kitty? Anyhow.........

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more DEVLOGs here for UnderBrush - This is only the Beginning!!!

Life is Short = Be Creative

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