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Under Brush (Prototype)

A Work-in-Progress, Pixel Art, Survival, Foraging, Farming, Crafting Game. · By JustWall


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DEVLOG #19 - ALPHA Version 1.7 Released!
Sorry it has been a while since I posted about this game. I work on multiple projects and it starts adding up quickly sometimes. Best thing to do is not get s...
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DEVLOG #18 -- ALPHA Version 1.6 Released!
Hello and good day, Here are some random words of wisdom before I dive into GameDev stuff ------ Don’t forget to eat your vegetables. Be thankful the sun is t...
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DEVLOG #17 -- ALPHA Version 1.5 RELEASED!
Hello and Good Day, I was supposed to go camping this weekend. Yet instead, I got a nasty chest cold. It sucks! But it gave me some more GameDev time! Time to c...
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DEVLOG #16 - ALPHA v1.4 Released
Hello and Good Day, We have been hard at work still - Just took a little more time so I could get a lot of the new "Alan" art added. It is coming along nicely...
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DEVLOG #15 - MuSiC!
Hello and Good Day, I am happy to be creating this DEVLOG as today I got to do some of my favorite work for the game. MUSIC! I love music and I really love cre...
DEVLOG #14 - The Leaf Tree!
I have spent a lot of weeks thinking about how the world of underbrush will look. I tried to focus specifically on the character and what kind of place he would...
DEVLOG #13 - ALPHA v1.3
Hello and Good Day, "A New Level of Confidence and Power!" - PANTERA R.I.P Vinnie Paul Ok - Back to GameDEV! Under Brush ALPHA Version 1.3 Released! Here is wha...
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DEVLOG #12 - Death to Players
From: @alWirehead Lately I have completed the death animation for the main character. Due to the dimensions of the sheet I knew a challenge here would be placi...
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