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Welcome to the World of ARBORETUM!

*Version 1 OUT NOW*

We are super glad you are here.
Feel free to harvest some plants or items.
There is nothing that can hurt you.
Just chill out, explore and craft away.


A = Walk Left
D = Walk Right
S = Harvest
Shift = Run On/Off
E = Inventory
Escape = Exit Menu / Fast Travel
P = Place Item Menu
R = Read
M = Music On/Off
1 = Sit // 2 = Happy // 3 = Cry
Left Mouse = Access/Navigate Menus
Right Mouse = Love Animals/Turn on Fire/Leave Place Mode

The World

The world of ArBoReTuM is randomly generated each time a new game is started.  This means that the foliage and animals will appear in different places each time a new game is created.  You can only save 1 world at a time.  Each world is stocked with vegetation, trees, crates, crops, animals, rocks, mineral and coal.  You are free to explore East and West (Right and Left).  There is a blocked cave at each end of the map.

Harvest Level

The more you harvest the higher your Harvest Level will get. The higher your Harvest Level, the faster you will harvest all items.

Fitness Level

The more you walk the higher your fitness level will get.  The higher your fitness level, the more you can carry.

Reading Level

You can Read by pressing "R".  Reading will increase your Reading Level.  The higher your Reading Level, the faster you can Craft Items.  Reading also provides small hints as to what to do.


You have a Shed.  You can access it at any time and drop off all items you are carrying.  This will free up your carry capacity.  Left click the Shed to access it and drop off items. All crafted items are automatically added to the Shed.

House and Crafting Benches

You have a House.  You can create all Crafting Benches at your House.  Left Click your House to access it and create Crafting Benches.  Once you have created a Crafting Bench you can craft the items that bench will create by Left Clicking that Crafting Bench.

Placing Items

You can place all crops/decorations in your inventory by pressing "P" or by Left Clicking a free spot.  A black outline will be displayed when the mouse enters a free spot.  Choose an item from the Placing Menu and then choose where to place it.  Crops and Plants take time to grow.


To get water you must first craft a well.  There are currently 2 types of wells.  Stone and Brick.  They produce water, yet the brick well produces it much faster.  You need water for various recipes.


You can show animals love by Right Clicking them. If you love an animal it will drop special items over time.  There are also craft-able statues that allow you to have animals spawn near the statue once placed.


There are 2 caves in which you can explore and find Minerals, Stone, Coal and Crates.  Before you can enter a cave you must clear the rocks blocking its entrance.  There is a cave to the East (Right) and a Cave to the West (Left)

Fast Travel

You have the ability to Fast Travel.  You can always Fast Travel to your Cabin.  The caves can only be Fast Traveled to after you have cleared the entrance and entered the cave.  In the image above the East cave has been discovered, yet the West cave has not.  Simply press the "Escape" key to access the Fast Travel options.

A Word from the Developer

Hello there!  My name is Mark Mauer and I created this game.  It was 100% created by me.  I love to do this and will continue as it is a passion of mine.  I have recently found the greatest Independent Game Community in the World on Twitter.  Everyone there is so great and I love to see everything others share.  Take a moment to follow me on Twitter @JustWallGames. I hope you enjoy Arboretum as much as I have enjoyed creating it.  Please feel free to leave a comment or feedback below as I plan to continue adding cool things to the game if enough people enjoy it.  Until next time!
Life is Short = Be Creative
This game is dedicated to my Mother and Father
Karen Mauer
August 1, 1939 - January 5, 2017
Chuck Mauer
June 14, 1946 - August 30, 2016
You gave me life and the idea to create.
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Tagscalm, Crafting, Farming, love, no-combat, peace, pixel, planting, reading, Relaxing


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Good game.

and this was all made in love2d? :o


it was GMS2 :)

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I have a question.What do u do with food?

Btw great game its relaxing and calming.

Thanks for playing!  Currently your final goal is crafting each item.  There is no current use for crafted meals. There were plans for a store to sell them at, but that was never implemented. Again, thanks for playing and the comment  :)

when do u plan updating again? im really into this game.

You planning on updating this any further?

I really should. It is a simple and fun game with a good vibe. I dont have any current focus on it now but i will keep it in mind.

I’d love to help out too, even if it’s just with art work. You could take the project so many places.

Hello! I enjoyed your game, it was fun and relaxing as well as having a neat style! Sorry it took me forever to get to your game but I finally made a let's play of it here~

thank you so much!  This is great!

I had myself a watch!  So great!  You crack me up so much.  The part with the Goat/Sheep debate had me rolling.  My animals are rather.....well.....special looking...lol - I'm glad you gave the game a shot and made a video.  If you ever decide to jump back into it remember the "Shift" key toggles run/walk, Caves are full of stones and metal, plant a huge garden and you will collect even more seeds!  Again....can't thank you enough for this play-through!  You are awesome!

Ahhhh! Silly me haha well I know for next time at least :) But you're most welcome, thank you for telling me about the game. It was a fun jaunt and I'm glad you liked my silly video <3

have Beta 3 hoping its a great game when I play it!

I hope you enjoy it too.  I actually really enjoy my time with it!  Thank you for the comment. 

Looking forward to giving the demo a test. This looks awesome.

Thanks a Bunch -  I hope you enjoy !

This looks freaking sweet!!!!

(1 edit)

Thanks so much.  I can't wait to share it.  Testing it is a Blast so I'm sure people will dig it.  It is unique and a little different.  A chill experience.  My kids absolutely love it.  I love it.  You can't ask for more than that!  Thanks again...