ArBoReTuM BETA v4 has been RELEASED!

Minor Clean-up -- -- 

This is a smaller update fixing the most complained about issue and some other small enhancements. I have been pouring hours into this game and feel it is now at a good place to let it stay for a moment. I have a lot of notes to dig through and some ideas I need to develop. (Mac Version - Sell Items - Pets). I also want to get a ton of play testing in on this version to make sure all items can be crafted and clean up any bugs. I hope you have enjoyed this journey so far. I know I have - 

**WARNING** - To Get all the New Content a "New Game" will need to be started in BETA v4 if you already have a v1, v2 or v3 game save (Sorry for the inconvenience)

Features/Fixes for ArBoReTuM BETA v4 

--- === --- === --- ===

-- Lowered time it take before you can collect any item
-- Fixed some Item Collection Sound Issues
-- Updated the Nature Sound (Removal of Noise - Sounded like a Waterfall or something?)
-- Player now stops Harvesting once the item is harvested (A lot of people asked for this as it seemed to bother them)
-- Updated the crafting recipes for Animal Spawns to require the items that animal drops instead of having to make a ton of cloth (sorry cloth - you have been made more pointless - lol)
-- Resolved an Issue with the Birdhouse Spawning a ton of birds (Like that Hitchcock movie)
-- Harvested trees now always drop at least 1 seed or sapling (Replant that forest!)

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ArBoReTuM_-_BETA_v4.exe 26 MB
Mar 17, 2018


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