I have completed a Huge chuck of additional features.  I am very proud of this and what it became.  All of the menus are now filled out and there are additional plants, vegetables, craft-able items and more!  I have also lowered the games price to $2.99 USD for a limited time in hopes more of you can play and try out this cute, calm, little farming forest life game.  If you are here reading this, please know I appreciate you and your support.  I hope you enjoy the little world of ArBoReTuM - 

Release Notes (BETA v2):

Features/Fixes for ArBoReTuM BETA v2

**WARNING** - To Get all the New Content a "New Game" will need to be started in BETA v2 (Sorry for the inconvenience)
- Fixed an Issue where Tomato Plants were created behind trees (Layer Issue)
- Fixed collision issue on fire. Issues with toggle on the fire sprites
- Fixed an Exploit (That is all I will say on that!)
- Cloth is now crafted out of Animal Fur (instead of wool)
- Lowered time it takes for animals to drop items (waiting sucked)
- Increased the frequency in which animals will need to be loved to keep dropping items
- Increased the amount of metal dropped from rocks (Needed More METAL!)
- Increased the amount of coal dropped from deposits
- Increased the amount of Mineral Deposits in Caves
- Minor Audio Enhancements
- Empty Spots (places with no plant or foliage) will now grow grass and flowers if left empty.
- Lowered the harvest time on cave items (Large Rock, Mineral Deposit, Coal Deposit) (It was boring me to DEATH!)
- Lowered the time it takes to read 1 reading level (Reduced by 10%)
- Increased initial Harvest Speed (Too Slow at the start. Now initial speed = original level 3)
- Changed the Large Rocks blocking the cave entrances to not reset their HP. This means you can harvest a little at a time and the HP will remain. (Took way too long even at high harvest levels)
- Increased the HP (a little) on the Large Rocks blocking the cave entrances now that they can be harvested over time
- Added the Following Plantable Items:
---- Onions
---- Lettuce
- Added the Following Placeable Items:
---- Bee Box (Produces Honeycomb)
---- Birdhouse (Produces Feathers and Spawns Birds)
---- Statues (Decorative)(Wood, Stone, Metal and Mineral)
---- Brick Wall (Decorative)
- Added Gems to the game. They can be collected in caves within large rocks. Here are the gems added to the game to collect:
---- Ruby
---- Sapphire
---- Peridot
---- Diamond
---- Emerald
---- Amethyst
---- Onyx
- You can now plant more than one seed/item at a time (Right Mouse to Stop Planting)
- Updated the Recipe for Baked Potato to include Butter and Herbs
- Updated the Recipe for Scrambled Eggs to include Butter and Herbs
- Updated Crafting Menus with Red Text. If you are missing part of the recipe it will display that item in Red Text.
- Updated the House Menu to have a Red "X" on any workbenches that have already been crafted (It was a little confusing to tell)
- Updated the Recipe for String to require less Wool
- Added 15 Badges to unlock in the game by collecting and harvesting items. You can view these and your progress towards the goal by pressing the "E" key. Here is a list of the Badges added:
---- Nature Hike - Fitness Level 20
---- Hands of Steel - Harvest Level 20
---- Bookworm - Reading Level 20
---- Stay Regular - Harvest 1000 grass
---- Timber! - Harvest 1000 trees
---- You Rock! - Harvest 1000 rocks
---- Flower Power - Harvest 1000 flowers
---- Berry Picker - Harvest 1000 berries
---- Corny - Harvest 1000 corn
---- 420 24-7 - Harvest 1000 herbs
---- Animal Rights - Love 1000 animals
---- Contains Gluten - Harvest 1000 wheat
---- Bare Minerals - Harvest 1000 minerals
---- Been Naughty? - Harvest 1000 coal
---- My Precious - Collect 1000 gems


Again - I hope you enjoy the game and know that I had a blast getting it to this point.

Life is Short = Be Creative


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Mar 10, 2018


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