EARL GREY 1.0.1 Released !

I have released an updated version of the game.  It is just some of the initial bugs, issues and minor enhancements I received feedback around.  The new version does not have any large enhancements to the game.  Here is a list of all the items I addressed:

  • Resolved some Never-Ending Cool-Downs to resolve some slowness for some users
  • Resolved the Player being able to shoot when the Cabin Menu was open
  • Resolved Player/Enemy Collision issues that caused the player to get stuck in the enemy
  • Resolved issue with Cabin Menu when the Pause Menu was open
  • Updated Deer to Run when the player gets too close or if the deer is shot
  • Updated the amount of berry and herb bushes in the world
  • Minor world updates (Minor Tile and Object Changing)
  • Added (5) Ammo to Crates
  • Deer are harder to kill
  • Deer now Drop (4) Meat instead of (2)

I really do appreciate all the feedback I received on this game.  Thanks you all so much who have played so far.  The indie game community is proving to be my favorite community out there!

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EarlGrey1.0.1.exe 17 MB
Dec 03, 2017


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Loving this!

Thanks a bunch!