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Earl Grey

A Chill, Pixel Art, Perma-death, Survival Game mainly created in Gray-scale coloring.

Can you fight and kill the angry bosses taking control of your beloved homeland?  Rid the land of these bosses while hunting and foraging to survive.  Find fuel for your generator to give power to your cabin where you can create Hardware out of foraged items.  Use Hardware to upgrade your Rifle and remove Rubble Piles for further exploration.  Help Earl Survive in this fun and simplistic Pixel Art World, but remember, do not die as you only have one life to live.

  • Forage Items to Survive
  • Hunt for Food
  • Explore the World
  • Upgrade your Rifle
  • Watch out for Hostile Animals
  • Fight the Angry Bosses
  • Save your Forest
  • Can you Survive?
  • Can you Win?
  • You Have One Life to Try!

EARL GREY is.....

Presented by - JustWall Games
Concept by - Mark Mauer
Art by - Mark Mauer
Sound & Music by - Mark Mauer
Programming by - Mark Mauer

Additional Concepts by:
Mason Mauer
Kaelie Mauer
Hunter Boxell


W = Up
A = Left
S = Down
D = Right

Q = Eat Herbs (Health)
E = Eat Meat (Hunger)
R = Eat Berries (Energy)

(Hold) C = Directs you toward your cabin

Left Mouse Button = Shoot (In the direction of the cursor)
Right Mouse Button = Action (Forage Items, Turn on Generator, Access Cabin)

Escape = Pause Game (Lists Rare Items Found and Bosses Beaten)


You must collect Items from around the forest.  These will be used for Surviving and also for Crafting Hardware and Ammo.

You Can Forage Items from the Following:

Herb Bush = +1 Herbs

Berry Bush = +1 Berries

Lead Deposit = +1 Lead

Powder Pit = +1 Powder

Oil Slick = +1 Gas  

 Crate = Found around the forest - Contains:
(2) Herbs, (2) Meat, (2) Berries, (2) Lead, (2) Powder, (5) Ammo and (1) Hardware


You can find and craft many items in the forest.  They all have a use and some are more rare then others.  Here is a list of all the items in the game and what they are used for.

Herbs = Used to Craft Hardware and if Eaten Restores Health (Red)

Meat = Used to Craft Hardware and if Eaten Restores Hunger (Blue)

Berries = Used to Craft Hardware and if Eaten Restores Energy (Green)

Lead = Used to Craft Ammo

Powder = Used to Craft Ammo

Gas = Used to Power the Generator (Required to Craft)

 Hardware = Used to Remove Rubble Piles and to Upgrade your Rifle.  Can be Crafted at your Cabin.

Ammo = Needed to Shoot your Rifle.  Can be Crafted at your Cabin.


You can hunt animals around the forest.  When you kill an animal you get Meat.  You need Meat to restore your Hunger and to Craft Hardware.  Deer = (4) Meat, Rabbits and Birds = (1) Meat.

The Cabin

You are able to Craft more Ammo for your Rifle and Hardware at your Cabin.  You must first start the generator   with gas.  Once the generator is running you can access the cabin by Right Clicking on it.  As long as you have the required ingredients you will be able to Craft.  You can also upgrade your Rifle here.  Here are the Crafting Required Ingredients:

Ammo: (1) Lead + (1) Powder = (5) Bullets

Hardware: (2) Herbs + (2) Meat + (2) Berries = (1) Hardware

Rifle Upgrade: Each Upgrade Costs (20) Hardware

Rubble Piles

There are Piles of Rubble around the Land that block your passage to additional areas. **CAUTION** There are dangers behind the Rubble that can end your life.  To remove a Rubble Pile have (20) Hardware in your inventory and Right Click the Rubble Pile. (20 Hardware will be removed from your inventory)


You have (3) Conditions to focus on.  They Appear in the Bottom Left of your Screen.

Health (Red) = You Must Eat Herbs to Restore Health.  If you Die the Game Starts Over.  Completely!

Hunger (Blue) = You Must Eat Meat to Restore Hunger.  If you get too Hungry you will start losing Health.

Energy (Green) = You Must Eat Berries to Restore Energy.  If you get too Tired you will start losing Health.


In order to shoot you *MUST* have Ammo.  If you do not have Ammo, you must find Gas, Lead and Powder.  Once you have these you should craft Ammo at your Cabin. 

To Shoot:  Your Character will shoot in the Direction of the Green Cursor.  Put the Cursor by what you wish to shoot at and press the Left Mouse Button.


In an attempt to not spoil the whole game I am not going to discuss all the different enemies and Bosses.  You will need to discover these on your own and at your own RISK!  I will note the following:

Enemy Caves = Some Enemies will come from caves.  If you are nearby, additional enemies will continue to attack.  You can destroy a cave by shooting it.  Lower level Rifles do little damage to Caves.

Rare Items

There are (8) Rare Items hidden in the forest. If you can collect them all you will be given access to use the Warp Stones.  Here are the (8) Rare Items:

Broken Heart  Diamond  Gear  Orb  Question Mark  Rock Pile  Spark  Star

Warp Stones

Warp Stone can be found in the forest.  There are (3) of them.  Once you have found all of the Rare Items the Warp Stones will activate.  Once activated, Right Clicking them will instantly warp you back to your cabin.  Remember, you can only warp one-way.  You cannot warp from the cabin back to the Warp Stone.  This is very useful when you are far away and run out of Ammo.


I am an avid musician and play in a couple bands currently.  I love all things audio.  One of the funnest parts of creating this game was the Music and Sound Effect I created from scratch.  So much Fun!  Here is the Soundtrack from the Game:

A Note from the Developer

I want to start by thanking anyone who is here on this site reading this.  I love searching for different independently developed games.  It means something that you have read this far.  This project started from a deep passion to make a Pixel-Art, Old School NES style, Survival Game that I would have loved to play in about 1985 (Yes, I'm Old.  I know).  I did not set out to develop the next Award Winning Indie Game.  I really have a guy (Whom I've Never Met) named Eric Barone to thank.  I have been making games for years just for fun and I read some articles about his process of development and it really inspired me to take on a larger more ambitious project.  In no way does this game even compare to the coolness of Stardew Valley, yet Eric's game has been an inspiration to keep me focused on the project over the many many months I have been working on it.  I also asked my 10 year old son and 5 year old daughter what they thought was cool about Earl Grey and what they though was dumb.  Kids are the most honest critics.  I loved hearing their ideas.  So much that I put some of them in the game.  So with that said, again I thank you for being here.  Games are only Games with Players  :)

Life is Short = Be Creative


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