Cool New Things!


I am so happy to be posting.  I have been hard at work adding new features to the game.  I hope to have a playable version very soon.  I have a few people testing as we speak and have resolved a couple minor bugs.  All-in-All things are going very smoothly.

Today I complete development on the following for the game:

  • Pause Menu
  • Simple Map with Bosses Visible (Bosses get crossed off when beaten)
  • Game Controls listed in Pause Menu
  • Rare Items added to the Game (8 in total)
  • Rare Items shown in the Pause Menu (Get Crossed Off when Found)
  • Warp Stone added to the Game (Which activate once all (8) Rare Items are found) (Ability to Warp back to your cabin)
  • Balancing of Enemy Spawn

The game is getting close to being completed.  I'm having a blast creating it.  Once I get a couple more features added and some more testing/balancing I think we will be very close to releasing.  I just want to make sure it is where I want it to be when I release it.

    Rare Items

    Warp Stones

    Pause Menu

Thanks again if you are reading this.  Have a great day!


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