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I have a question.What do u do with food?

Btw great game its relaxing and calming.

Thanks for playing!  Currently your final goal is crafting each item.  There is no current use for crafted meals. There were plans for a store to sell them at, but that was never implemented. Again, thanks for playing and the comment  :)

when do u plan updating again? im really into this game.

You planning on updating this any further?

I really should. It is a simple and fun game with a good vibe. I dont have any current focus on it now but i will keep it in mind.

I’d love to help out too, even if it’s just with art work. You could take the project so many places.

Hello! I enjoyed your game, it was fun and relaxing as well as having a neat style! Sorry it took me forever to get to your game but I finally made a let's play of it here~

thank you so much!  This is great!

I had myself a watch!  So great!  You crack me up so much.  The part with the Goat/Sheep debate had me rolling.  My animals are rather.....well.....special - I'm glad you gave the game a shot and made a video.  If you ever decide to jump back into it remember the "Shift" key toggles run/walk, Caves are full of stones and metal, plant a huge garden and you will collect even more seeds!  Again....can't thank you enough for this play-through!  You are awesome!

Ahhhh! Silly me haha well I know for next time at least :) But you're most welcome, thank you for telling me about the game. It was a fun jaunt and I'm glad you liked my silly video <3

have Beta 3 hoping its a great game when I play it!

I hope you enjoy it too.  I actually really enjoy my time with it!  Thank you for the comment. 

Looking forward to giving the demo a test. This looks awesome.

Thanks a Bunch -  I hope you enjoy !

This looks freaking sweet!!!!

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Thanks so much.  I can't wait to share it.  Testing it is a Blast so I'm sure people will dig it.  It is unique and a little different.  A chill experience.  My kids absolutely love it.  I love it.  You can't ask for more than that!  Thanks again...