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I'm having a lot of fun with this! Thanks for making it! 

Absolutely!  I'm glad you are enjoying it. 

This game is totally baller. You just have to be careful not to play too much because it’s super addictive!


Ahhh yeah. Thanks man! I'm glad you think so. We had an epic time creating it!

Such a great game - intense tactical action combat, vast world, really cool monster variations, lots of loot, really handy power ups, wicked soundtrack and plenty of surprises. Great sequel guys - well done.

Thank You Thank You! Very good explanation of the game there! Thanks for the inspiration.  You are a motivation to myself and many other Devs I know.  Thanks for the kind words!

I love it! Sitting here at my pc, it's past midnight and I'm still immersed in this world. No sleep for me tonight. lol! Fantastic job, guys!

Dude - Thanks a billion for playing - I'm glad you like it.  We feel it is crack too!  So many places to see and things to do now!

First few minutes:

Thanks so much for this Video - I hope you enjoyed your time in the game!