Release Notes - Version 1.2

It is with great Pride that I announce the update to Evidence of Life.  Below are all the Great Features and Bugs Fixes we released in Version 1.2.


  • Added Parallax Backgrounds
  • Added Cave Foliage (Gives Player Health if Destroyed)
  • Minor Sound Effects Optimization
  • Increased Difficulty each planet
  • Mite and Bird Sound Effect Adjustments (Attempting Less Annoyance)
  • Updated Caves (Easier to Find - Harder to win)
  • Giant Aliens Now Randomly Spawn Face Eaters
  • Added Additional Gun Types (Switch with 1,2,3 Keys or Mouse Wheel)
    • Single (Normal Gun - Normal Speed)
    • Double (Shoots 2 Bullets - Uses slightly more Energy - Medium Speed)
    • Triple (Shoots 3 Bullets - Uses more Energy - Slow Speed)
  • Updated the Main Menu
  • Updated the Start/New Planet Menus
  • Added 12 Additional Ground Mite Sprites
  • Added Random Cyber Dog Fly-by Assistance (Shoots Sonic Booms - Drops Green Dust, a Single Bomb and a Single Battery)
  • Added Dangerous Mushrooms (3 Types)
    • Depletes Energy
    • Depletes Health
    • Slows Player Down for a Period of Time
  • Updated Random Generated Planet Colors (No more super dark green)
  • Updated the Player Menu (Menu with Gem Levels)
  • Added 3 Missions per Planet
    • Missions Now Appear on the Player Menu and once completed they receive a shiny ICON! Complete them all For a Superb Prize
  • Added 4 Mega Giant Aliens (MGAs) to the game.
    • You get one chance per planet to beat the Boss.
    • Each Level of Boss get Harder. 4 Bosses in Total.
    • Bosses Now Appear on the Player Menu and once completed they receive a shiny ICON! Complete them all For a Superb Prize
  • Added 5 Hidden Items to Find for your Cyberpup. If you find all 5 you get a reward at your ship. Resets per planet.
  • Updated the Player Color Selection Options. Now you can choose from 9 colors. Changing your player's color now also changes the Cyberpup color too.
  • Added Darkness when the player goes lower underground
  • Added 8 Additional Egg Sprites (Random Gen Per Planet Type)
  • Added minimal magnet effect to Gems for easier collection
  • Added Sound when Traveling to a New Planet
  • Added Art when Traveling to a New Planet
  • Added "Fail" text if you fail to beat the Planet MGA
  • Added a New Loading Screen Image
  • Added a Sound when Energy Regeneration Happens


  • Resolved an Exploit with the JetPack where you could fly without using Energy
  • Added Collision to the Mining Tool on the Hive Cores
  • Resolved an Issue where the Player Walk Animation would not play if Energy was depleted
  • Resolved an Issue where Notification sound would not play when player attempted to travel back to the ship when too close to a hive.
  • Resolved an Issue where Medium Sized Eggs were falling too far if the block below them was broken.
  • Resolved a Bug where 2 players were spawning at once. This isn't the movie Twins!
  • Adjusted Screen Resolution to Resolve Stretching (Thanks Alan)
  • Energy starts to regenerate sooner now
  • Resolved a Bug where the MGA was not spawning if the player died on the planet

Thank you to all who have followed this game on it's journey so far.

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Apr 03, 2019


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